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Donensbourgh, Medieval RPG game
Donensbourgh is a medieval RPG first person game using Unreal Engine 4 as game engine. It's based on story that you must follow and discover. It has not combat, at all.

It will be kind of "medieval simulator" so no spells, dragons, fantasy, ... You must discover, explore, talk, learn and enjoy being in medieval era.

Currently is in very early stage but you can already follow the development.


Chess is a game made with CRYENGINE from blank C++ project. This is my personal project and I'm the only developer working on it. I do all the code, models, textures, lightning and user interface.

Main features are: runs on latest CRYENGINE version, different moves formats (SAN, PCN and LAN), free camera (rotation and translation) and predefined cameras, different UCI engines (Stockfish 7, Houdini, Critter and Rybka), helpers on board, load/save games, different environments and set of pieces, play online and others.

 Nice Weather

Live weather with easy and clean interface. It's available in english, spanish and russian.

 Photo 3D Free

It's an android live wallpaper with 3D and Parallax effect. It's available in english, spanish and russian.


  • Web development: Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS. Web applications, intranets, mobile devices compliant.
  • Graphic design: Business cards. Advertisement. Packaging. Brand identity. Vectorial design. 3D modeling.
  • Photography: Corporative photography. Posters. Indoor and outdoor photography. Panoramas and HDRi images.
  • Web hosting: Domain registration. Web hosting. Blogs, CMS, e-Commerce and e-Learning platforms. VPS.

 Almanzor Framework

AF is a framework based on MVC architecture, developed over PHP5 and MySQL, is object oriented and generates HTML5 code. Is focused on very optimized web 2.0 applications, achieving high performance. Check the full list of features for more information and detailed descriptions.

Use of Almanzor Framework allows develop web applications with high complexity in low time and knowing you are creating a robust, stable, reliable and safe project.

 Latest projects
Design and development of the corporative site.
Design and development of the corporative site.
Pavel Botya
Design and development of the corporative site.
Anna Kordy
Design and development of the corporative site.


How to install RainLoop webmail
Published 27th of April 2016
Install a copy RainLoop webmail shared for all the server users. It increases security, uses less disk space and makes easier updates. The installation was performed on Debian 8.4 with Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6
How to configure code coverage with Selenium in Phpunit
Published 24th of February 2014
Running Selenium with Phpunit we don't have code coverage by default. We need to configure some files to have code coverage in php like with have with unit tests. After that, we can generate code coverage report in Phpunit. The configuration was done in Selenium 2.39 and Phpunit 3.7.31 with php 5.3
How to install roundcube
Published 9th of December 2013
We can install a single copy of roundcube for all our users in the web server keeping out the installation from their users' folder. It gives more security, uses less disk space and makes easier updates. The installation was done in Debian 7.0 with Apache 2.2, PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5
How to jail / chroot users in FTP / SFTP
Published 12th of June 2013
We can block access to ftp and sftp to use only the home folders of the users. At the same time we block any other access via ssh, but granting sftp access. Configuring permissions, the user can serve web pages from home folder. The installation was performed on Debian 7.0, using ProFTP 1.3.4a and OpenSSH 6.0p1