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Almanzor Framework

AF is a framework based on MVC architecture, developed over PHP5 and MySQL, is object oriented and generates HTML5 code. Is focused on very optimized web 2.0 applications, achieving high performance.

What is Almanzor Framework

A software framework, in computer programming, is a structure of support defined in which other software project can be organized and developed. They are designed trying to simplify the development of software, allowing to the designers and programmers pass more time defining requirements of software than fighting with low level details providing a functional system.

Almanzor Framework is based on MVC architecture, developed over PHP5, Javascript, HTML5 and MySQL. Is used to create web 2.0 application using extensively ajax calls. Uses many design patterns and it's completely developed under OOP (Object Oriented Programming). The model layer uses ORM mapping, CRUD and active record. Provides a structure of modules and components making easy authentication, multilanguage, tracelog, session management, web services and others. Is mainly focused on very optimized code using different levels of cache (client and server side), compression, lazy load and others. It's secure against sql injections attacks, XSS attacks and more. Is SEO friendly, working with javascript active or not, provides even some UI javascript components and contains many unit tests as was developed under TDD methodology (Test-Driven development). Check the full list of features for more information and detailed descriptions.

Use of Almanzor Framework allows develop web applications with high complexity in low time and knowing you are creating a robust, stable, reliable and safe project.

Be aware that, although Almanzor Framework is under production since some years ago, it's not intended to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of much more mature and complete frameworks in almost every language that you can use for your projects. This framework is not intended to cover all-purpose web applications, but intended to cover some basic aspects of web applications. Can be used as a theoretical approach to the MVC frameworks basic concepts, but implemented and running in a real environment.